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Where have I been?

Alright, so I admit I've been a bit delayed in writing a new entry. I have a good excuse... Most of my time has been occupied with the filming and production of my new weekly public affairs television show "I on NY" with Laurie Puhn, premiering on WPXN-TV in the NY Metro area, Long Island & Westchester. It debuts in the end of December (details to come). I on NY with host Laurie Puhn focuses on issues that matter most to all of us. Each show offers 30 minutes of info-packed conversations to inspire, empower and inform you and your family on issues relating to education, crime, teen guidance, health, fitness, lifestyle and community-related events.

So that's where I've been. I hope you'll check back next month to find out the exact date and time for I on NY.

Oh, and let me add. Now that it's holiday time and many of us will be visiting friends and family, here's a helpful article about how be a respectful houseguest.
Click here

Warm regards,
Laurie Puhn

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