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What should I do?

Dear Laurie,

I have a friend who is generally a good person, but does some of the rudest things. She'll call me up, ask me what I'm doing that weekend, and then invite herself along! I feel bad so I let her join me, but then whenever she joins in on a group activity she complains about what we're doing. It's a no-win situation. A few of our other friends feel frustrated with her too. What do you think we should do? I've started to lie to her about my weekend plans, but I hate doing that. How can I get her to realize that she's become a burden to us?

In need of help,



Just because they're "Upper Management" doesn't mean they're polite.

Dear Laurie,

I was listening to you today on the Allen Handelmen radio show on FM Talk 101.1 in North Carolina, prior to going to work. Great job! I plan on purchasing your book this weekend. I was unable to get through the clogged phone lines during the radio show, but I had two questions for you.

1. What is the best way to address Etiquette of Upper Management? Often times I am meetings with my Unit Manager (direct supervisor) and other Senior Management and their blackberries are left on the table, they are talking, or working on their laptops. It makes me feel as though the meeting we are in, is not important to them. It is really inconsiderate, but it's hard to try to tell your boss this.

2. How do you address one on one meetings with clients/accounts who take cell phone calls during your meeting time? Yesterday I was in a one on one meeting with an account, they received several cell phone calls during our meeting, however I was being rushed because he had somewhere else to go. What is the appropriate way to address having a mutual respect for one another?

I would appreciate your advice, or suggestions from your blog readers. Thank you!

Sales Manager



5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make


It's a sad thing that nowadays, people are often nicer to strangers than they are to the people they love. I was recently interviewed on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends morning show about the biggest mistakes couples make in their relationship. Here's an article summarizing the 5 Do's and Don'ts I mentioned during the TV interview.



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