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i on New York with host Laurie Puhn

Hello friends,

We're working hard on Season 2 of my television show - "i on New York" on WPXN-TV (the i channel). Please visit my website for details. www.lauriepuhn.com
We've got some fantastic guests this season including Carson Kressley (from Queer Eye), Cheryl Ladd, Richard Kind (from Spin City and Curb Your Enthusiasm), James Naughton (winner of 2 Tonies), Ethan Zohn (winner of Survivor Africa who did something out-of-this-world with his million dollar winnings), Ken Seeley from A& E's hit show "Intervention" and Mike Greenberg from "Mike & Mike in the Morning."

Each "i on New York" episode reveals how my guest is making a positive impact on his/her community. Believe it or not, while many celebrities out there set bad examples for us (see my blog entry below), there are also those select ones who educate, inform and empower us. Here's to them!


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