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Are Men or Women Ruder?

Andrew said...
Here's my problem with rude people - I live in a NYC and date a lot. My pet peeve is women who don't call me back. Even after we've been on a few dates, some women think it is okay to ignore my phone call if they don't want to go out with me again. I understand that this is their attempt to let me down easy, but I think it's just plain rude! I have to waste my time wondering whether she got my message. I wish someone would tell women that men prefer honesty to evasion.

Mariposa said...
To the gentlemen who wrote about women not returning his phone calls and men "preferring honesty to evasion," well, you all have certainly fooled us! You, sir, must be the only decent man in new York City. I cannot count how many times I have called a man after a date to thank him for a lovely time only to have that call ignored. It can be argued who started the rudeness, but it seems to me that men and women are just fighting dishonesty and evasion with dishonesty and evasion. This is not right, but it needed to be pointed out. As for me, I will continue to be who i am, and I hope you will too.

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Are your In-law's this bad?

Featured comments from our blog readers:

I have an in-law who constantly comes to the state I live in. Doesn't inform me she is coming. Then proceeds to call other inlaws to invite them to my home and another relatives home. By the time we find out this other inlaw is planning a family reunion at our homes. All the family members have planned to come and just call to TELL us they are coming!!!!! THIS IS RUDE!!!!!!
-name withheld for obvious reasons

Let's not forget the habit of tailgating. Nothing says, "I have no respect for other people" more than people who aggressively intrude on other people's space. It's being inconsiderate of their health and safety, as well.



Prepare Yourself.

According to the results of our recent survey on www.lauriepuhn.blogspot.com, someone will be rude to YOU this week.

- 70% of survey respondents said they experience rudeness 3 or more times a week,

- 20% of respondents said they experience rudeness 1 to 2 times a week, and

- 10% said they rarely experience rudeness (perhaps these 10% are the same people who are rude to the rest of us...).

So what can we do about this? How should we react to rudeness?
Consider this: the best way to knock the chip off someone's shoulder is to pat him on the back.

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