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Regional rudeness?

Here's an e-mail I received from one of our blog readers...

I have been told that I am rude and my family is rude also. I am from Michigan, a place known for rude people. (This is what my wife, who was raised in Indiana, tells me.) I don't intend to be rude, everybody talks like that here. I don't mean to sound like an Idiot, I am educated, but like many people I don't really know what "rude" is. Could this be the reason people are so rude?

- T.G.

And now, my questions for you: What do you think constitutes rudeness? Do certain regions raise ruder people? Let us know what you think!

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I also live in Michigan but am
originally from the south. I have
encountered so many rude people
in Michigan that it is staggering.

Many factors constitutes rudeness
and I'll list a few I have encountered.

People in lines at stores butt into
a line insted of going to the back of the line.

Inviting oneself to join someone
at their lunch table uninvited.

backstabbing with gossip and lies
and being from the Bible Belt this
is a hard pill to swallow.

Becomming a non-stop talker without
coming up for breath and showing no
interest in what someone else has
to say. monopolizing a conversation is extremely rude,
especially on the phone.

Undermining another person is
exceeding rude but seems to be
prevelent in the city where I live.

I have an inlaw who constantly comes to the state I live in. Doesn't inform me she is coming. Then proceeds to call other inlaws to invite them to my home and another relatives home. By the time we find out this other inlaw is planning a family reunion at our homes. All the family members have planned to come and just call to TELL us they are coming!!!!! THIS IS RUDE!!!!!!
I teach my child rules for the


1. Never make anyone have to talk]
through a mouthful.

2. Wait until mealtime is over to
argue or bring up personal conflicts.

3. Never talk with a mouthful.

I taught my child rules for the

1.If one person has to style their
hair and another one has to go to
the bathroom, who do you think is
more important? The one who is
brushing their hair should get out
for the one who has to go. In
some homes, they don't teach this.
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