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The New York Times & Movie Theater Rudeness

One readers' thoughts on comments on a letter to The New York Times:

Ruth Block said...

It was in today's New York Times that I read a letter concerning rudeness at movie theaters. To quote: "People behave as if they are in their own living rooms, with no regard for others around them. Strangely enough, the worst offenders are adults, who should know better."

This made me think up some ideas as to how otherwise decent moviegoers would react to such misbehavior, instead of being passive. They could move to another seat, if one is available, or complain to an usher or the management. They could also wish that the offender's cellphone would get confiscated. And acting on the principle of strength in numbers, this could even result in a grassroots-type group, similar to the Straphangers' Campaign.

I even toyed with a few last-resort measures, but then decided against them. They were: dumping a bucket of popcorn over the offender, name-calling, or saying "Hurricane, hurricane, hurricane!"

Perhaps otherwise decent moviegoers could even finally give in and be rude themselves (as in the saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!")

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