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One Reader's Top 5 Rudeness Pet Peeves

In response to my question about regional rudeness from my Dec. 30 entry, one of our readers replied her Top 5 Rudeness Pet Peeves:

I live in Michigan but am originally from the south. I have encountered so many rude people in Michigan that it is staggering. Many factors constitutes rudeness and I'll list a few I have encountered.

1 - People in lines at stores butt into a line instead of going to the back of the line.

2 - Inviting oneself to join someone at their lunch table uninvited.

3 - Backstabbing with gossip and lies (and being from the Bible Belt this is a hard pill to swallow).

4 - Becomming a non-stop talker without coming up for breath and showing no interest in what someone else has to say. Monopolizing a conversation is extremely rude, especially on the phone.

5 - Undermining another person is exceeding rude but seems to be prevelent in the city where I live.
...by anonymous

Do you have any more rude behaviors you want to add to the list? Submit a comment and I will add your grievance to the list on this blog.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I'm from Michigan too - everyone seems to have the most apalling manners. Another thing to add to the list, I've noticed that many folks don't seem to understand personal boundaries - not just standing so close that you cannot breathe, but even such things as dinner guests poking around in my bedroom or laundry room without permission! A relative collects antique swords & found someone pulling them from their sheathes in a private room in the back of her house. Also, everyone talks so fast, you can hardly understand them.
Heres some that I come across EVERYDAY, it really pisses me off big time :0

# Talking very loudly on the phone in public with absolutely no concern for people around them....these people even ignore other people's negative body language to carry on their conversation.

# Laughing/Yelling/Talking VERY loudly among friends while ignoring every other person around them.

#Bluetooth!!!! I love the technology, but I HATE, let me repeat, i H-A-T-E all the idiots who use bluetooth headsets and talk like they are alone in their house....this happens alot in: busses, busstops, classrooms, cafes, etc..

#Sitting down by yourself/w/a group of people blocking the stairs

#Cell phone rings once during class.....she/he goes "..oh sorry..".....30 mins later: riiiiiing... again she/he goes "...sorry.."...how about turn the f*****g cell phone?? or at the least put on vibrate...seriously..

If you want rudeness, come spend a day with me, seriously....I HATE RUDE PEOPLE, and it will sadly get only worse :(

p.s: thanks for the blog!
i once caught a co worker looking under my bed. i handed her a dust mop
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