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Rudeness at Starbucks?

A blog reader's experiences: Twice a week I go to the local Starbucks in NYC. to read the papers and have a drink of green tea. It happens to be a small one and as a result people are always asking if they can share my table for two. Because of the constant cell phoners, I've come to the point of answering "Not if you have a cell phone". Most of the time it brings a smile, but those that intend to receive or make phone calls get angry and walk away or sit down any way. I have a watch that talks so when the cell phone gets a call I switch my talking watch on the the sounds of roosters crowing and a variety of other "alarm" voices. That usually sends them away. Starbucks has become a giant phone booth and most cell phone users sit there without buying ANYTHING. There ought to be a separate room for these inconsiderate people. Maybe if they were all in one room and talked over each other they'd know how annoying they are. I could tell you stories about the jerks that get on the elevator in my 40 story hi rise, sometimes 3 at a time and nothing inhibits them from talking. I never say anything because I know I'll be off the elevator sooner or later.

Love your idea for dealing with cell phone users at Starbucks! I will definitely pass that on. My problem is with Barnes & Noble. Most of their stores provide tables and chairs so that patrons can take down books and read through them. Problem is, I've bought books at B&N and then found, once I've taken them home that these "browsers" have underlined passages or even torn out whole pages! It's a shame that creating welcoming environments will invite abuse both at Starbucks & Barnes & Noble.
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