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Top 5 Rudeness Pet Peeves

Juan read the blog post from Jan. 23 and responded by sending in his Top 5 Rudeness Pet Peeves. Do you have some of your own? Send in a comment below and we'll post them on this blog!

Juan's Top 5 Rudeness Pet Peeves:

1. Talking very loudly on the phone in public with absolutely no concern for people around them.... These people even ignore other people's negative body language to carry on their conversation.

2. Laughing/Yelling/Talking VERY loudly among friends while ignoring every other person around them.

3. Bluetooth!!!! I love the technology, but I HATE, let me repeat, i H-A-T-E all the idiots who use bluetooth headsets and talk like they are alone in their house....this happens alot in: busses, busstops, classrooms, cafes, etc.

4. Sitting down by yourself with a group of people blocking the stairs.

5. My fellow student's cell phone rings once during class and she/he goes "..oh sorry.." Then , 30 minutess later: riiiiiing... again she/he goes "...sorry.." How about turn the f*****g cell phone?? or at the least put on vibrate

Seriously... if you want rudeness, come spend a day with me, seriously....I HATE RUDE PEOPLE, and it will sadly get only worse :(p.s: thanks for the blog!

Why do people think it's okay to stop walking in the midst of going up the stairs? They stand there and look at a map or take out their phone. How come people can't just wait 10 seconds until their off the stairs?
I think we should have a rule in NYC that no one can eat or drink on the subway. They have this rule in D.C. and the subways are so much cleaner for it. Let's bring the rule to NY!
People in our culture have no compassion for other people, they are critical, nosey, in other peoples business and sarcastic. Is there any wonder why more and more violence happens? There is more adult bullies than school yard bullies, and strong willed people don't take to being controlled.
Let's not forget the habit of tailgating. Nothing says, "I have no respect for other people" more than people who aggressively intrude on other people's space. It's being inconsiderate of their health and safety, as well.
People who play the bass so loud in their cars that it hurts your fillings.
Loud Music in a computer lab, HUGE NO NO. I hope its possible to outlaw 'rudeness'. Anyone notice that the eastern culture is 100000x times more polite than the western ? (like in asia etc..)
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