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Are your In-law's this bad?

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I have an in-law who constantly comes to the state I live in. Doesn't inform me she is coming. Then proceeds to call other inlaws to invite them to my home and another relatives home. By the time we find out this other inlaw is planning a family reunion at our homes. All the family members have planned to come and just call to TELL us they are coming!!!!! THIS IS RUDE!!!!!!
-name withheld for obvious reasons

Let's not forget the habit of tailgating. Nothing says, "I have no respect for other people" more than people who aggressively intrude on other people's space. It's being inconsiderate of their health and safety, as well.

if i were you, i would totally ignore cleaning my house. i mean totally. leave you laundry all about. dont wash dishes. dont take out the garbage. hang onto all junk mail and spread all about your house. purchase girlie magazines and leave laying all about. in otherwords make your house look like a herd of elephants rambled thru. your in law may comment, and your retort is that you're too busy, too tired, but he/she can feel free to clean if it bothers them. when you discover the DATE of this party, you can always say you have a SECRET out of town meeting that is none of anyone's business, and your house will be closed. it's worth the extra few bucks to hole up in a hotel room for the evening.
you're being stepped on. if you don't want to go to all that trouble (above), you can always say that you and your home are unavailable during THAT WEEK, of course they will ask why, and your answer should be that it's your business and not theirs. be "sweet" and have a handy list of restaurants etc., that they should consider having their event at. AND, tell them all it's cash bar, cash food. then don't show up cos..."something" came up.
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