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Our Blog is in the News!

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all of your questions and comments. The blog is sparking interest across the country. We're in the news today...

Rudeness awakening
New technologies require modern sense of etiquette
BILL HUTCHENS; The News Tribune, April 10th, 2006

Laurie Puhn is becoming the online Ann Landers of new-millennium manners. If you have a question about etiquette in the age of information, just ask the Harvard attorney and communications expert.

“The ruder the world gets, the better it is for people who are polite because it only gives us a competitive advantage,” Puhn said during a recent phone call.

Puhn, who writes the blog “Rudeness, Interrupted” and wrote the book “Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life,” has appeared on several TV news and talk shows to discuss tech etiquette – and the growing culture of rudeness in the world...

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Congrats! You are my Ann Landers. I love reading your new entries. I can relate to everything on this blog day in and day out.
Your fan,
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