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Meredith Vieira is Not a BITCH!

And neither is Hillary Clinton or Barbara Walters. They are Savvy women.

The word “Bitch” was said 8 times in 1 hour on national television to describe Meredith Vieira and other women during Vieira’s final appearance as co-host of The View.

Some people say the 5-letter B-word is a term of endearment, but…
9 out of 10 Women Surveyed Say They Would Be Insulted If Called a Bitch.

I say it's time to stop the Rudeness Epidemic! Replace the negative term Bitch with the positive adjective "Savvy."

Our children are learning to say the B-word, our bosses are learning to say it, authors and intellectuals are writing it to describe powerful women. The B-word is becoming normalized, utilized and glamorized, but the meaning is as negative and derogatory as ever.

BITCH: noun
1. The female of the dog
2. a : A lewd or immoral woman
b: A malicious, spiteful, or domineering woman

Calling a man a bastard is an insult, calling a woman a bitch is no different.

Let’s drop the B-word and use the S-word– Savvy – to describe the Strong Modern Woman.

QUIZ: Are you a Savvy Woman?

1. You are a problem-solver. You take the lead in uncovering resources to solve problems at home and at work.

2. You are multi-talented. No situation is too much for you because you tackle whatever comes your way.

3. You don’t take no for an answer. You are willing to work harder, sweat more and outlast anyone to get what you want.

4. You are persuasive. You win people over by giving them the respect and appreciation they deserve.

To all the Savvy Women out there - You are fabulous and don't forget it!

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