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What should I do?

Dear Laurie,

I have a friend who is generally a good person, but does some of the rudest things. She'll call me up, ask me what I'm doing that weekend, and then invite herself along! I feel bad so I let her join me, but then whenever she joins in on a group activity she complains about what we're doing. It's a no-win situation. A few of our other friends feel frustrated with her too. What do you think we should do? I've started to lie to her about my weekend plans, but I hate doing that. How can I get her to realize that she's become a burden to us?

In need of help,

I hope this person will realize that since she sees the fault in her friend and is letting her get away wth being like that, even encouraging the killjoy behavior, she has only herself to blame. I'm sure if the situation is as bad as Nicole says, she should have no trouble saying no.
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